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What Susan Believes

Dr. Stuart believes that each individual has the ability to develop his or her intuition, and to put it to use on a daily basis to f ind the perfect relationship, the right career, the highest yielding financial investment, or the most expansive spiritual connection.

Susan Stuart, Ph.D.

The Institute offers:

Intuitive Development
Classes and Workshops

Intuitive Scanning
Electromagnetic (aura) Readings

Couples Counseling
Partnership Strategies
Relationship Communication

Business Counseling
& Intuitive Coaching

Medical Intuition
Medical Intuitive Training
Identify Dis-ease


The Intuitive Development Institute was established by Dr. Susan Stuart in 1981 to promote a more expanded awareness of personal and professional intuitive development.

Individuals, couples and businesses benefit from the knowledge and awareness of self and others that is developed through Susan's work.

Although we are the sum of our past experiences, we can change our current reality by working with those past experiences through intuitive counseling. Our ability to see more clearly within and to trust our creative and spiritual sense can make the difference between success and failure in our professional and private lives.

In the business world you would never invest before you gathered all the data and analyzed the possible outcomes. The most successful business people operate at their fullest potential when integrating intuition with their business logic.

In addition to Susan's current work at the Intuitive Development Institute, she has been a successful real estate investor, retail business owner, author, and media personality. She has appeared on radio and international television programs and been included in numerous articles. As an accomplished and inspiring public speaker, she has traveled giving lectures and workshops internationally. Susan is available to lecture in your area and enjoys working with large or small groups.



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