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Astrological Counseling

Using the birth chart as a metaphor for life, you are able to follow your path along with the movement of the planets. Special events in your life, relationship potential, future forecasting, current business prospects and financial trends can be covered in sessions. You will find astrology can help you balance your life properly for a more fulfilled and happy existence.



Astrology, a science between events on earth and events in the cosmos, illuminates your path to a more self-aware existence. Individuation occurs, as defined by the humanistic approach of psychologists like Carl Jung, through the integration of the birth chart.

Astrology is a language that can identify your skills and Susan can guide you to integrate those skills into your life. The focus is on assisting individuals to realize their unique potential, as opposed to predicting the future. Susan's method also assists you in developing your inherent talent for personal and interpersonal interactions.

There are no good or bad aspects, only opportunities for growth. Thus, the birth chart is a set of instructions to gain insight and compassion for your learning process.

Your destiny is, therefore, optimized by your investment in self actualization.


AIR : Associated with thought, one of the four elements.

ASTROLOGY : The study of the planets and how they influence.

BIRTHCHART : Chart that shows the positions of planets, sun and moon at time, date and place of birth.

CARDINAL : Associated with initiative.

CELESTIAL SPHERE : An imaginary sphere around Earth used to map positions of Sun, Stars, Planets and Earth.

EARTH : Associated with reality, is one of four elements.

ECLIPTIC : Marks the point where Earths orbital plane intersects celestial sphere.

ELEMENT : Represent characteristics that are associated with certain zodiac signs.

EQUINOX : Point at which the ecliptic crosses the Earths equator.

FIRE : Associated with activity and one of the four elements.

FIXED : Associated with stability and one of the four elements.

HOROSCOPE : Birthchart according to time, date place of birth.

MUTABLE : Associated with harmoney and one of three qualities.

OPPOSITE SIGNS : Zodiac signs that are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel.

PLANETS : Eight major planets moving around the Sun excluding Earth but Sun and Moon are sometimes also referred to as planets.

QUALITY : The behavior associated with certain zodiac signs.

RISING SIGN : Sign of zodiac on eastern horizon at time of birth.

RULING PLANET : Planet that influences a certain zodiac sign.

SOLSTICE : Point at which Sun is furthest south or north from Earths equator.

STAR SIGN : Common misnomer for Sun sign.

WATER : Associated with emotion and one of four elements.

ZODIAC : Imaginary band divided into twelve segments of 30 degrees.

ZODIAC CHARACTERISTICS : Group of characteristics associated with a certain sign.

ZODIAC CONSTELLATION : Using sidereal time the zodiac is aligned to thirteen constellations.

ZODIAC LUNAR : Using moon cycles the zodiac is aligned to thirteen lunar months.

ZODIAC SIGNS : Twelve 30-degree segments of zodiac numbered counter clockwise according to positions at spring equinox.

ZODIAC WHEEL : The wheel is divided into twelve equal sections of 30 degrees and named after groups of stars.

Fee: $200 per hour

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