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Couples Counseling

Working with your partner, by phone or in Susan's office, develops and expands each person's awareness and intuitive abilities.

Through the process of creative visualization, you will see your future relationship potential, and then be given tools to manifest that potential.

  • Have you ever wished you could see into the future?

  • Do you want to live in a way that is consistent with your life's purpose?

  • Do you have a relationship that allows you to explore your spiritual potential?

In the first session each person has an intuitive scan with the other present. With pretense removed, the path to better communication is open, creating the foundation for rapid growth in future sessions. The effect is one of relief. Thus a safe arena is created for the couple to explore the magnificence that caused them to connect in the first place.

Counseling enables the couple to express their love and devotion to one another. Difficult situations emanating from the relationship are resolved clearly.

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