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Intuitive Scan

The Intuitive Scan includes an assessment of the seven major energy centers contained in the electromagnetic field of an individual.

The first session with Susan usually involves a full Intuitive Scan. Susan will address the major life lessons for the client during that session. Susan will also cover every area of the clients life in the first session. Many clients wish to continue working with Susan in Intuitive Counseling to either resolve issues that were identified during the Intuitive Scan or to develop their own intuitive abilities.

Susan will identify a particular energy center and indicate the colors contained in that center using her clairvoyant abilities. She will also offer suggestions regarding the physical, emotional and spiritual health of each center using her clairaudient abilities. The seven major energy centers are as follows:

Seven: Spiritual Development Sixth: Clairvoyance and the ability to perceive both physically and metaphysically Fifth: Communication abilities and creative self-expression abilities (clientęs career is usually contained in this center) Fourth: The ability to give love and receive love on a spiritual and a physical level. Third: Power, Dreams and Astral Projection abilities. Second: Sexuality and emotional well-being, (Prior agreements for raising children are also contained in this center)

First: Attitudes toward Money, Houses and Survival in general, (This is also a place where career may be present.)

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